Homemade birthday cakes for my boys

There is something rewarding and fulfilling about making birthday cakes for my boys. I enjoy every part of the process from planning the visual look, throughout baking and crafting, to decorating it and adding final touches. But blowing the candles on the cake and eating it is always the best part for all of us!
Homemade birthday cake

It all started with my elder son’s 2nd birthday. While I made a very basic banana cake for his 1st birthday (without sugar as I was following healthy food recommendations for a baby), I got very excited when the opportunity came to make a proper, big, sweet cake. I was determined to make a very special cake for him and put my baking skills to the test. In the end, I didn’t make just one cake, that month I made two as we held two birthday parties for him (one a family party and the other one for his baby friends). Honestly, it was a challenge but I enjoyed it. Since then I’ve spent many hours baking, cutting, shaping and decorating original birthday cakes for my sons and year after year I’ve been slowly expanding my collection of creative cake designs.

It’s so nice to be able to look back at the pictures and remember the lovely times we celebrated together. Well, the cakes never lasted very long and the only memory we have left of them are the pictures we took. The pictures that remind us how special each year was.

PS: Unfortunately the quality of the pictures wasn’t always amazing and to my sadness, we didn’t photograph all of the cakes. There was one year when we didn’t take a single picture at my son’s party. We were so committed to taking care of our guests and making sure that everyone was entertained and fed that we completely forgot to grab the camera and shoot a few photographs.

This is my small cake photo gallery.

The Train Cake, February 2012

The Steamboat Cake, February 2012

The Elephant Cake, November 2014

The Dragon’s Egg Cake, February 2015

The Racing Car Cake, November 2015

The Pirate Hat Cake, February 2016

The Treasure Chest Cake, November 2016

The Bat Cake, February 2017

The Dragon Cake, November 2017

The Avenger cake, February 2018

Pirate Skull Cake, November 2018

Minecraft Creeper Cake, February 2019

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Your cakes are amazing! Do you have an instructions / tips on how to do the lid of the treasure chest? Thanks

Thanks so much Cherie. It’s been a while since I made the treasure chest cake. I remember using a piece of plastic mat to support the lid from underneath. I decorated only the front of the cake treasure chest with sweets and put some cake filling behind them. I laid the lid on top of them in an angle with the back of the lid resting in the cake filling. I also supported it with a couple of bamboo skewers that went through the lid all the way to the cake base. Hope it helps.

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