About Us

Lea and Chris

We are so flattered you want to find out more about who we are. Here are a few words about us so you can get to know us a bit more.

We are husband and wife, best friends and parents of 2 lovely and lively boys. We live on the south coast of England in East Sussex.

About Lea

Lea is originally from the Czech Republic. Before she decided to overcome her phobia of foreign languages (believe it or not, this phobia exists and it’s called xenoglossophobia) and move to the UK, she grew up and studied in the colourful Czech city Brno. After she got her degree in teaching (art and civics) at Masaryk University and 5 years of internship in one of the biggest art galleries in the Czech Republic, she decided to move to the UK long term.

After a few first years working as an au-pair and studying hard to improve her English she found a job in SEO company as a brand analyst. To her surprise, she enjoyed all the technical aspects of the job and working with computers.

The last 7 years, Lea is a stay at home mum, looking after her 2 sons. She still carries art in her heart but she is currently focusing on her blog and dreams about a successful job from home.

Lea’s favourite things:

    • Crafts (sewing, crochet, paper and more)
    • DIY projects (especially work with wood)
    • Art (at the moment a passive admire)
    • Baking
    • Photography
    • Books (sci-fi, fantasy, crime, history)
    • Movies (horror)
    • Organising (obsessed with organising everything from cutlery in the draw to the family life)
    • A few hours in a quiet, completely empty house
    • Deep forests and Czech countryside

About Chris

Chris grew up in West Sussex in England. After a year of studying leisure and tourism, he switched subjects and did internet technology instead. It proved itself as one of his best decision and influenced his whole career. After finishing his university degree, he found a job in digital marketing (13 years ago) and has been passionate about it ever since.

Chris is a very analytical person and he is in love with his spreadsheets. Everything that is at least bit important he converts into a spreadsheet (he even created one for his oldest son, when he was a baby for his breastfeeding routine).

It turns out Chris is the calmest and most patient person Lea has ever met but there might be some rare exceptions when the boys get on his nerves.

Chris’ favourite things:

  • Cooking
  • Baking bread
  • Lifting heavy weights (one day will deadlift double his body weight)
  • Fishing
  • Outdoor activities
  • Coffee
  • Computer games (is a PC gamer at heart)
  • Bing watching box sets
  • Films (doesn’t have a favourite movie, but enjoys action, thriller, horror and martial arts)
  • Falling asleep on the sofa before 9 pm
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